Membership Information

Dues are payable before July 1st of each year (or upon joining the Club). Membership runs from July 1 to June 30 of the succeeding year.

Members who wish to renew can complete the renewal form and mail to Club along with a check for the appropriate amount.

Classes of Membership
  • Standard membership covers member, spouse or partner and children under 18.

  • Active Duty Military membership and Law Enforcement Officers has the same rights and privileges as the standard membership above, but it is offers a discount to persons who are on active duty.(Eligible individuals must show current military or LEO ID to request this discount.)

  • Senior membership has the same rights and privileges as the standard membership above, but it offers a discount to persons who have Reached their 65th birthday. (Eligible individuals must request this discount.)

  • Junior membership requires parental consent. A junior with two years of membership will have the initiation fee waived when applying for a standard membership.

  • Life membership is only conferred upon those members who have rendered the club very distinguished service.

See Article VII of the Club Bylaws for more information.

New Members

Persons wishing to join the Renton Fish & Game Club should present themselves at the clubhouse during business hours with photographic identification and appropriate US funds for membership. Prospective members must complete an application form and sign a waiver. (Dues are prorated for new members according to the prorating schedule below.)

RFGC Memberships
Junior Standard Active Military Senior
Minimum Age n/a 18 years n/a 65 years
Maximum Age 18 years n/a n/a n/a
Annual Dues $1 $160 $125 $80
Active Member Dues* $1 $100 $85 $50

* Active members are members in good standing who have documented at least 20 hours of volunteer work at the club, and have renewed prior to July 1.

  • a. Members and staff watch for people using the ranges with expired memberships. Those who are caught will be asked to renew their membership before they are allowed to use the range (or pay the daily fee).

  • b. Members with expired badges may be asked but are not required to return them.

  • c. Future badges will have the words: "Property of RFGC" printed on them.