Expedited Check-in now available to new rifle and pistol range guests!

If you are new to our rifle or pistol ranges, you may try our expedited check-in process. In order to do this, you must complete all 3 steps listed below, to the letter. Help us help you by making the check-in process go faster and smoother.

Hunters who have not been to the range since sighting in last year must watch the videos and fill out the waivers again.

Step 1: Watch the Videos

Watch the Rifle Video, Pistol Video, or both, depending on which facility you want to use.

Rifle Video:

Pistol Video:

Step 2: Fill out the Waiver

Click here and print out this Waiver Form.

  • Fill out information on the first page waiver form.
  • Read and initial (no checks, X's, smiley faces, etc.) each line on the second page of the form. You may skip the shotgun section.

Step 3: Come to the Range

Our address and directions to our range can be found here.

  • Go to the main clubhouse (the building left of the road, next to the shotgun range, with a big stop sign next to it) and pay the range fee.

  • After paying the range fee, drive up the road to the rifle and pistol ranges.
  • Leave your firearms in your car, sign in at the rifle range office, and give the waiver from Step 2 to the rangemaster.

Thank you for trying our new expedited check-in process. We hope this will get you onto the range quickly and smoothly. We appreciate your business and hope you enjoy your visit.